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PCU Training Center

The PCUTC division of Clapp Research, Inc. provides safety and design related training to power, telephone, CATV and railroad utility system personnel. PCUTC utilizes the services of engineers from Clapp Research Associates, P.C. and other partner companies to provide public, in-house, and online training. Over 26,000 utility personnel have participated in our training programs.

Utility Bookstore

Utility Bookstore is a part ofThe Power & Communication Utility Training Center.

PCUTC offers public and in-house seminars on applying the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC), investigating and litigating utility contact accidents, joint-use wood pole distribution lines, and more.

PCUTC also sells safety training products through the Utility Bookstore.

The primary thrust of our efforts is to assist those responsible for designing, constructing, operating, and maintaining electric supply and communication systems in assuring that:

  • their standards meet applicable codes and regulations, as well as promote efficient construction and maintenance
  • their personnel are (a) trained in the requirements of applicable codes and regulations and (b) sensitized to potential hazards they could find in the workplace or create as a part of their work
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