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The Power & Communication Utility Training Center is the premier training resource for the power, telephone, CATV, and railroad utility industries. Over 26,000 utility personnel have attended our training programs on the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) and related standards and practices. Additional personnel have used our online training. Our instructors are knowledgeable NESC experts and OSHA experts and, through their respective consulting firms, have provided expert witness, design, and standards review services for hundreds of electric and communication utilities in the United States, the Caribbean, and abroad.

We offer public seminars, in-house seminars, and online training on a variety of standards and subjects relating to design, construction, operation, and maintenance of both public and private electric supply and communication utility systems. Many of these courses concentrate on NESC clearances, grounding, and strength requirements applicable to overhead and underground utility line design and construction. .

The training center is currently transitioning from primarily live presentations to primarily online presentations as Allen Clapp transitions to semi-retirement. Until we complete updating existing online courses and revising our other courses for online presentation, we regret that we will not be scheduling live presentations.

Allen L. Clapp

Allen L. Clapp, P.E., P.L.S is President of Power & Communication Utility Training Center and former President of Clapp Research Associates, P.C. Consulting Engineers. Allen has been involved in the design and evaluation of electric supply and communication facilities for over 50 years.

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