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Allen L. Clapp, P.E., P.L.S.

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Allen L. Clapp, P.E., P.L.S is President of Power & Communication Utility Training Center and former President of Clapp Research Associates, P.C. Consulting Engineers. Allen has been involved in the design and evaluation of electric supply and communication facilities for over 50 years. Over 26,000 people have attended Allen’s seminars on the National Electrical Safety Code and OSHA. Mr. Clapp has investigated over 800 accidents. He has testified before courts and commissions for over 40 years.

Mr. Clapp is a past Chair (1984-1993) of the National Electrical Safety Code Committee. He is presently a member of the Interpretations subcommittee (Past Chair). He is the former member of the subcommittees SC1 on Scope, Application, Definitions and Coordination (Past Chair and Past Secretary), SC4 on Clearances (Past Acting Secretary), and SC5 on Strengths and Loadings (Past Secretary). He has served continuously on the NESC technical subcommittees since 1971.

Allen Clapp was the editor of the NESC Handbook published by the IEEE. He also edits and publishes the DANESC UPDATE™ Newsletter, and is a contributor to McGraw-Hill’s Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers. Mr. Clapp is an authorized OSHA construction regulations instructor.

Allen is an Emeritus Member of the ANSI Z535 Committee on safety signs, labels, and colors. He served on the Committee from 1992 through 2008 and chaired the ANSI Z535.2 Subcommittee on Environmental and Facility Safety Signs.

Allen Clapp

Brett Willitt, P.E.

Brett M. Willitt is VP, Operations for SPIDA Software. In late 2008, Brett joined SPIDA early its evolution and has been a driving force behind SPIDA’s rapid expansion in market presence. Brett brought with him over fifteen years of experience in the telecommunications and electric utility industries with FirstEnergy, Verizon, and Osmose Utilities Services. Brett’s diverse background and work experiences all share common themes in engineering design, utility asset maintenance, and structural analysis and Brett as conducted numerous training seminars and lectures on pole loading, joint use engineering, and utility asset management practices.

Brett Willitt

Mike Rigney

Mike Rigney is a Product Manager for the Osmose Utilities Services’ O-Calc Pro Pole Loading Software. Mike earned his doctorate degree from the University of South Carolina in Physics. He has been with Osmose for 17 years working on various software products within the telecommunications and electric utility markets with a strong emphasis on understanding the needs of a diverse users group. Mike has participated on an International Electrotechnical Commission standards committee helping to set the standards for interfaces between Distribution Management systems. Mike has presented numerous talks at trade conferences and has many years experience teaching at the college level.

Mike Rigney